Engineering Consultants. P.A. Firm History

Engineering Consultants is one of the oldest consulting engineering firms in Kansas with roots dating back to the end of World War II. The firm was officially organized and founded by Max E. Coleman, P.E. in 1962. Max was a WWII veteran and graduated from Kansas State University in 1949 on the G.I. Bill with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering. He became a caed professional engineer in 1953 and worked as a design engineer at Mann & Company, a local architecture firm, and at Hutchinson Foundry and Steel Company before going into business for himself, founding Engineering Consultants.

Engineering Consultants specialized in structural engineering, completing a vast array of projects in the 1960�s and early 1970�s. These included industrial grain handling facilities across the Midwest as well as along the Gulf and West coasts. In addition to grain, the industrial markets also included salt plants, food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. In addition to the industrial markets, Engineering Consultants served local architects in providing structural engineering for all types of building projects. The aircraft industry was also a market served extensively by Engineering Consultants through the design of support structures and maintenance stands for use in aircraft repair and fabrication.

In 1973 Max hired a second engineer to expand the business, and Duane R. Phillips, P.E. joined Engineering Consultants. Duane was a native of South-central Kansas, having been born in Sterling and raised in Nickerson. Duane graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Milling Technology. After working for 9 years as a project engineer with Polumbus Engineering Company in Tulsa, OK, Duane moved back to South-central Kansas and continued his career at Engineering Consultants.

Through the 1970�s Engineering Consultants continued to serve a variety of clients on many different kinds of projects. During this time a specialty in precast concrete design and detailing was developed due to local market needs. The firm continued to grow and was officially incorporated in 1976, with Max E. Coleman, P.E. serving as the first company president and treasurer, Duane R. Phillips, P.E. serving as the vice-president, and Mr. Terry L. Wolcott serving as the corporation secretary.

In 1983, the ownership of the firm transitioned from Max to Duane, with Duane purchasing the firm and succeeding Max as President and Owner. The 1980�s and 1990�s saw continued growth and client service throughout the Midwest with Duane being licensed in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, and Missouri to meet client needs wherever the projects were.

Also evident during this time was Engineering Consultants commitment to technological innovation as the firm became the first professional firm in Hutchinson, and one of the earliest in the region, to fully adopt computer aided drafting in 1986. This commitment to the effective and economical use of new technology has continued to this day with the latest in engineering design software to provide clients with high quality engineering solutions as well as the latest web-based technologies to provide seamless communication and data sharing regardless of the project location.

The next firm transition occurred in 2006 when Brent L. Engelland, P.E. joined the firm. Brent is also a native of South-central Kansas, having been raised in Sterling. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Structures. He became a licensed professional engineer in Wisconsin in 1997 and worked 8 years for Flad & Associates, a national design firm headquartered in Madison, WI. After moving back to Kansas and gaining licensure as a Kansas P.E., Brent served 5 � years as Chief Engineer at Mann & Company, P.A., also located in Hutchinson.

As the client base continued to grow and a transition plan was put into place for Brent to purchase the firm from Duane, Brent achieved licensure in all of the states previously served by Engineering Consultants, while also adding licenses in New Mexico and Tennessee. This placed the total number of states where Brent is licensed at 12 (Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Minnesota, and North Carolina). At the beginning of 2008, Brent L. Engelland became the third President and Owner of Engineering Consultants, P.A.

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